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Responsible Travel

inside/out is committed to responsible travel. Sustainability, cultural and ecological sensitivity, ethical practices and meaningful contribution are the core of our travel philosophy. We believe that responsible travel is important for both travelers and our world. It helps to protect cultures, communities and environments from the negative impacts of travel and creates a more authentic experience for travelers.

Our trips are designed using accommodations, projects, activities, and tours that are environmentally and culturally sensitive and contribute economically to the local communities. We also donate a percentage of our trip costs to sustainable aspects of the projects and organizations we are working with to improve people’s lives in the areas in which we travel in the longer term.

inside/out is committed to providing superior small group experiences and preserving cultural and natural resources. These are some of the practices we incorporate to this end:

  • Maximize positive environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts and minimize negative impacts as part of each of our travel experiences.
  • Economically benefit local people, their communities and environments, support the preservation of cultural heritage, and provide for the conservation of natural resources.
  • Limit group sizes to manage both our impact and the ability to create authentic personal connections
  • Request that our local providers incorporate responsible travel policies into their own practices
  • Incorporate and help train local guides and businesses in as many aspects of the journey as possible
  • Support businesses that involve local people and their communities
  • Consume local products and food
  • Seek out travel experiences that provide our guests with opportunities to make meaningful connections with local people and foster a greater understanding of their cultural and environmental issues.
  • Request options for food, water and other provisions from our local providers that minimize packaging and waste
  • Direct our guests to pack wisely, removing packaging and recycling any excess materials before leaving home
  • Practice strict Leave No Trace principles
  • Conserve and respect resources
  • Select transporation options that minimize impacts whenever possible
  • Encourage our guests to learn about the local culture and environment prior to departing on their journey
  • Recommend that travelers at least attempt a few key words or phrases in the native language
  • Respect and honor cultural differences

We do not print paper catalogs as part of our commitment to responsible travel.