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Come explore with us!

Join us in an exciting adventure of fun and culture around the world while making a difference for animals and people. We will be your personal guides to fun, adventure and personal reward, leading you as part of a small group in a meaningful humanitarian project helping animals and then on an exciting multi-sport adventure that will bring you even closer to the land and the people. Humanitourism is Humans helping Animals through ecoTourism.

OUR MISSION: To create a more connected, compassionate and inspired world.

The vision for Humanitourism is to be a part of connecting the world through travel and volunteer work, creating a more compassionate and inspired world. Our purpose is to provide life-changing experiences for volunteers while helping communities on animal welfare programs and projects they cannot accomplish otherwise. Our commitment is to people, animals and the planet. We stay in local and family owned accommodations, we eat at local food establishments, we hire local guides to support the communities we are serving economically.

Your participation in the volunteer work is genuine, welcomed and essential in making a difference in the lives of people and animals. We specialize in projects that are under recognized or under served. You may be the only volunteer assistance some of these projects will ever see. Our trips are unique experiences, offering the opportunity to interact closely with locals in a meaningful and authentic way.

You'll know who your guide is, because each trip will be personally led by me, while employing local providers to ensure a truly sustainable and socially responsible experience.

inside/out is committed to sustainable and responsible travel practices. You can view our responsible travel policy here: Responsible Travel

Why Choose inside/out?

  • You'll have the best of both worlds with structure and flexibility. Days will be planned and led for you while evenings will remain free for you to explore and enjoy on your own.
  • A portion of your trip cost is designated to help the project and people you will be visiting and working with. Trip costs are all-inclusive for the land portion, covering everything except dinners so that you can explore local cuisine on your own. You know in advance how much the trip will cost you.
  • Your participation in projects is welcomed, meaningful and tangibly engaging. We work with projects that genuinely need our help. We are actively participating, not just visiting or "sightseeing" through a project, working side by side with members of the community on our projects.
  • You will have the opportunity to truly get to know and experience the area and the people, concentrating your stay in one or two areas rather than skipping around to many different places with no time for connection.
  • Our socially responsible travel includes comfortable locally or family owned and/or culturally significant accommodations.

We are proud members of the International EcoTourism Society, Sierra Club, the American Hiking Society, the Colorado Mountain Club and American Society of Media Photographers.

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inside/out founder zoe katsulos

Zoe Katsulos is a strong animal advocate, a world traveler, professional guide, outdoor skills teacher and active volunteer. Zoe has been leading outdoor adventures for over 20 years. Her work in outdoor adventure includes hiking, rock climbing, snowshoe and ski outings, mountaineering, backpacking, camping and photography with both youth and adults.

Zoe founded inside/out, a unique organization that provides humanitarian and outdoor adventure opportunities both here and abroad, to fulfill a personal mission to empower individuals to better their lives, the lives of others and the lives of animals. She believes that the outdoors provides an unparalleled environment for creating challenges and opportunities which serve to push individuals toward personal growth and development. These are the "journeys for your inner self in the outdoors."

She leads Humanitourismâ„¢ trips internationally, and locally, she teaches backpacking, nature photography, rock climbing and other outdoor skills. Zoe is a Coach for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program, which raises funds for blood cancer research, and leads trips for The Women's Wilderness Institute. Also a professional outdoor photographer, Zoe will help you capture the memorable photographs that you will be proud to share with friends and family.

Zoe carries first aid certifications as a Wilderness First Responder and in Mountain Oriented First Aid and Red Cross. She is certified as a hike leader by the American Hiking Society, a leader by the Colorado Mountain Club, an instructor by the Colorado Mountain Club and certified in Leave No Trace. She has worked extensively with a number of different organizations in outdoor and adventure programs. A native of Michigan, she moved to Colorado after her first backpack trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in 1991. As a graduate of Landmark Education, Zoe is as devoted to helping others explore adventures as well as their personal development.

"Life is always an adventure, with new experiences around every corner if you are open to them," she believes. It is always a journey of some manner, inside and out.

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