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GREECE: June 2018
Greek Spay Neuter Program


   All inclusive land costs (except evening dinners)

Contact us about our payment plan option

We are partnering with a local organization on a multi-day sterilization program to help in the reduction of the overwhelming stray dog population This trip has openings for both veterinary professionals and those with no special special skills. We will work together with a Greek vet team performing spay/neuter and other vet services as needed.

Vets must be experienced in high volume spay/neuter and field clinics and comfortable with a nonstandard environment and varied protocols. Vets and vet techs will have some of their costs covered by HIPAW (Humans for International Projects in Animal Welfare), our nonprofit sister organization providing funding for some of our Humanitourism projects.

Our contacts all speak English so there is no need to be concerned about a language barrier. Anyone who has a desire to help is welcome. However, if you are a vet tech or vet nurse, we would love to have you join us and share your expertise!

You may also have the opportunity to adopt a dog from Greece or to transport rescue dogs to homes in your country of residence.

A portion of proceeds from the trip will also be earmarked for the projects. We also welcome donations below. We've been able to donate veterinary supplies with past donations and continue to work toward providing additional veterinary supplies and other desperately needed items.

Reserve your spot on this trip by registering now. Limited slots for participants, so register early. Slots are filled on a first come first served basis. A $500 deposit is required for registration.


DAY 1 -- Arrive in Oropos via Athens
Relax in evening and enjoy the open air seaside restaurants
Overnight in Oropos

DAY 2 -- Meet local animal welfare partners and do briefing on project
Assist in street dog gathering or prep for surgeries for vets
Explore local tavernas and relax along the ocean
Overnight in Oropos

DAY 3 -- Street dog spay/neuter program
Afternoon and evening to adventure and explore
Overnight in Oropos

DAY 4 -- Street dog spay/neuter program
Afternoon and evening to adventure and explore
Overnight in Oropos

DAY 5 -- Street dog spay/neuter program
Afternoon and evening to adventure and explore
Overnight in Oropos

DAY 6 -- 1/2 day Street dog spay/neuter program
Afternoon visit to traditional Greek farm developed to teach children and adults about animals and growing food.
Overnight in Oropos

DAY 7 -- Send off or ferry to Halkida, then bus to Karistos to begin extra days of ecotour adventures on the adjacent island of Evia, second largest island in Greece
Overnight in beachside town of Karistos

DAY 8 -- Trek the Dimosari Gorge with local guide
Overnight in beachside town of Marmari

DAY 9 -- Travel by bus from Halkida to Loutra Edipsou to enjoy the ancient hot springs
Overnight in Loutra Edipsou

DAY 10 -- Return to Athens for send off or extend your own itinerary

Please consider a donation of any amount to help us fund this project and cause. Your donation can help provide food, shelter, veterinary treatment, rehoming and a change of destiny for dogs in Greece.