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GREECE: May/June, 2018


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This trip is a rewarding hands-on experience in making a difference in the lives of animals and the people who help them. You will spend the first part of your trip volunteering together with locals at KAZ, an incredible animal shelter and rehabilitation facility near Athens, working on shelter improvements.

Our contacts all speak English so there is no need to be concerned about a language barrier. No special skills or knowledge are required for the assistance projects. Anyone who has a desire to help is welcome. If you do have special skills in any of these areas, we can find additional ways of incorporating those into the project.

Following our work at KAZ, we will embark on an adventure tour of the beautiful mountainous region of Epirus, sampling activities in the local area, ripe with opportunities in trekking, rafting, sea kayaking/canoeing, culture and history. The area is known for its rich history, geographic variety and spectacular scenery. Historic regions offer a rare glimpse of life in ancient Greece. We will be led on our adventure by local guides who have explored the area extensively throughout their lives and have an intimate knowledge of the landscape.

Ioannina is in the Zagoria region, a magnificently beautiful part of the country. While foreigners vacation in the islands, the Greeks vacation in Zagoria. It is an amazingly beautiful part of the country and offers a different perspective on Greece than the highly touristed areas.

You may also have the opportunity to adopt a dog from Greece or to transport rescue dogs to homes in your country of residence.

Reserve your spot on this trip by registering now. Limit of 10 participants, so register early. Slots are filled on a first come first served basis. A $500 deposit is required for registration.

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Day 1 -- Arrive in Athens, meet local animal welfare advocates and visit KAZ shelter
Overnight in Porto Rafti district of Marcopoulo near Athens

Day 2 -- Participate in Project at KAZ shelter
Overnight in Porto Rafti district of Marcopoulo near Athens

Day 3 -- Participate in Project at KAZ shelter
Overnight in Porto Rafti district of Marcopoulo near Athens

Day 4 -- Participate in Project at KAZ shelter
Overnight in Porto Rafti district of Marcopoulo near Athens

Day 5 -- Participate in Project at KAZ shelter
Overnight in Porto Rafti district of Marcopoulo near Athens

Day 6 -- Travel to Ioannina
Rest and relax
Overnight in Kastro district of Ioannina

Day 7 -- Flat water kayak in Lake Pamvotida (brief lesson provided prior) with lunch on an island and a monastery visit
Overnight in Kastro district of Ioannina

Day 8 -- 1/2 day Rafting on Voidomatis River
Short trek from Ano Kildonia to Papingo
Overnight in Papingo

Day 9 -- Trek from Papingo to Vikos, soak in mineral pools
Overnight in Papingo

Day 10 --Return to Athens and depart or have us extend your stay to explore and enjoy Athens and surrounding areas


The Greek government provides little or no enforcement of laws for the protection of animals against cruelty, and there are few facilities to provide shelter, food and care for the thousands of stray and abandoned dogs roaming both the cities and villages. A very few dogs are lucky enough to be rescued by volunteers from the few ad-hoc animal welfare groups in Greece, people who love them and hope to find them homes in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. But funding is scarce and support from the government is non-existent.

The KAZ Shelter is an incredible facility south of Athens with dedicated volunteers who work to rescue, treat and rehabilitate countless animals. With much struggle and sacrifice KAZ acquired 2.5 acres of land, where a shelter and surgical facility were built.

The intention of KAZ was to be a temporary rehabilitation center for sick and injurend rescued animals, however, with the abundance of strays and the resulting maladies, the facility has had to take on a role as a sanctuary as well. KAZ is in need of improvements to fulfill this role, and we will be helping them to accomplish this. Local animal rescuers will come to join us to work hand-in-hand on this project so that you will be able to interact with them during your time on the project. Most are english-speaking.

Check out some of KAZ's success stories here: KAZ Successes
And some of the amazing work they have done rescuing and rehabilitating their current residents: KAZ Adoptions


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